About us

We are Magiel and Wilma Marijnissen, happily married since 1996. Our main hobby is dogs; we spend almost all our time for this hobby. We like to go for a walk and watch them running in the open field. In the evening we like to watch television with them, lying on the ground, in between the dogs. We also do some training, not obedience but more extended socialisation. Shows (especially outdoor shows)

Furthermore Wilma has a part-time job and Magiel is fulltime employed.

Samen in het bos

We can be found very often at our local dog club, K.C. Venray. All the people at this club are great and real dog lovers. There are great possibilities to socialise your dog. Magiel is also a board member of  K.C. Venray.    

Besides the obedience training and the ring training, Wilma has also followed a couple of theoretical trainings. In the Netherlands they are called KK-1 and KK-2. The official exams are recognised by The Raad van Beheer. Since 2009 Wilma is also judge of the Irish wolfhounds


Wilma met pup


A little background history:

We met each other in 1990 and in 1993 we got our first place of our own. This was an apartment were we couldn’t keep a dog, so we started to look for a house with a garden. Rather quick we were lucky and found a suitable house, so we started to look for a dog.

After visiting a lot of dog shows and talking with al lot of people, we figured out that an Irish wolfhound would be the breed for us. This way we started our wolfhound hobby in 1996 with 2 bitches from the Fionnmaë kennel. We called these 2 females Meggie and Josje. There pedigree names are Xanthi and Xingul.


Since that moment we got more and more interested in this breed. Off course we are member of the Ierdie and from the Irish Wolfhound Foundation.


A couple of years later we got our third Irish Wolfhound, Wyomi Fionnmaë. She came with us at an age of 2 years. When we saw her at José’s house, it was love at the first sight.

This was also the reason that we decided that we needed more space around the house for our hounds, so we started to look for an other place to live. In 1999 we found a house that we liked very much. It has a big garden and even a small “forest” where our dogs can play and have fun.



In the spring of 2004 we made the decision that we wanted to start breeding with the Irish Wolfhound. We already have seen a lot of litters and we where also present at the birth of one. We are lucky to have a good friend José Cornelisse from kennel Fionnmaë and Elly Timmermans from Ala Memoria Di Philipo's, they taught us a lot about the breed. Thanks to them we found our own way in breeding irish wolfhounds.





We have regulary a litter, we are happy everytime to enjoy tour irish wolfhound litters. The start of live and seeing how a puppy develops is everytime a miracle feeling. With proud we can teel that all the dogs we have bred are living with real dog lovers. We enjoy te keep in contact with these wolfhound friends.


As you can see, our kennel name is “Oet Kepèl”. This means, when you translate it, ”from Panningen”. We chose this name because we live in Panningen and Wilma is born and raised in Kepèl.